Fruit Sources

strawberries local farms for In A Jam fruit source

Small Batch Jams and Jellies made with
locally grown and picked fruits

Hard working farmers who provide fields of fruit along with friends and family who offer wild berries, apples, pears, what helps make this business so special. Being able to tell you where the crab apples were picked or who gave me a bucket of blackberries to make the jars of jam is as good as it gets!

  • Dillons Fruit Farm, Lisbon OH

  • Wagner's, Lowell OH

  • Hidden Hills, Marietta OH

  • Various Farmers at Capitol Market, Charleston WV

  • Orr's Farm Market, Martinsburg WV

  • Friends and Family 

  • Van Pelt's, Columbiana OH

  • Community Garden at Point Park Marketplace, Parkersburg WV 

  • Various Farmers at Bridgeport Farmers Market, Bridgeport WV

  • Huffman Fruit Farm, Canfield OH

  • White House Farms, Canfield OH

  • Angiuli's Farm Market, Canfield OH

  • Kevin Berger (Rhubarb Grower)

  • Sanor's Orchard, Minerva OH

  • Integration Acres (Pawpaws), Athens, OH

  • Shad White, Lincoln County (2018 Ramp Supplier)